God Hand Sanitizer


God Hand Sanitizer


Created from raw, non-denatured alcohol, Alpha Male Infused Oil, and a mixture of vitamins and essential oils, God Hand Sanitizer will thoroughly cleanse the hands and leave them moisturized.

Contains over 10 major herbs essential for men's health including Tribulus and Muira Puama.

These herbs have been used for centuries for the following:

  • Keeping bones strong, protecting the nerves, and supporting the immune system

  • Enhancing libido and sexual desire in men and can serve as an aphrodisiac

  • Targeting weak back and knees, joint pain, mental and physical and nerve fatigue

  • Decreasing cholesterol

  • Creating resistance in some tumor cells

  • Providing amino acids, including 11 essential amino acids that the body can't make

and much more! (see blog)

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